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Sermons from Luke

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September 17, 2023

The Lost Parables

Speaker: David Tulloch Series: Miscellaneous Scripture: Luke 15:1–32

June 11, 2023

The Parable of the Prodigal Son

Speaker: Mike Tomford Series: Miscellaneous Scripture: Luke 15:1–32

May 21, 2023

The Lord Has Come to Seek and Save the Lost

Speaker: Ben Levendusky Series: Miscellaneous Scripture: Luke 19:1–10

April 9, 2023

Jesus: The Messiah

Speaker: Jamie Sinclair Series: Jesus Scripture: Luke 24:1–53, Isaiah 52:13– 53:12

February 5, 2023

Luke 16

Speaker: Jamie Sinclair Series: Miscellaneous Scripture: Luke 16:1–31

July 26, 2020

Groups and Identity

Speaker: Jamie Sinclair Series: Truth Today Scripture: Luke 3:3–14

December 15, 2019

On Waiting

Speaker: Jamie Sinclair Series: We Eagerly Wait Scripture: Luke 2:25–38