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Apologetics Seminar

Apologetics Seminar

April 14, 2018

10:00am – 3:00pm

Location: 41 Main Street, Potsdam, NY 13676

This Seminar is with the Reasonable Faith Chapter of St. Lawrence County led by Bob Dale, an Associate Pastor and former missionary to Muslims. Pastor Jamie Sinclair will also be speaking.
This seminar addresses topics such as:
-The creation account in Genesis.
- Four solid arguments for the existence of God based on accepted science and logic.
- How we can point to Jesus in an age of pluralism? Is there objective moral truth?
- If God exists and is good, why is there all the evil and suffering in the world?
- Powerful newly discovered evidence for the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
The event is open to anyone  but is targeted toward high-schoolers and up. 
The event is $5/person and a simple lunch will be provided.

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