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What To Expect

Our Sunday Services

We sincerely hope that you find all of the CFC locations warm, inviting places where you can worship the Lord, hear the Gospel preached, and be encouraged through fellowship!

Pre-Service Fellowship

You'll quickly realize that CFC loves coffee and refreshments! Every Sunday morning in all of our locations we have pre-service fellowship time (about 30 minutes before the service starts) that always includes those two components. This is a perfect opportunity for you to come, meet a few people and get situated (especially if you're wondering where your kids will be for nursery and Children's Church) before the service begins.


We hope our love for God is evident through our corporate worship. Our worship services involve instruments, modern worship songs and hymns, clapping, raising hands, and sometimes dancing. You can read everything we believe about worshipful expressions here. Children remain with their parents during worship time.


Before the sermon begins, the emcee of the service will clearly dismiss children to nurseries (0-3) and Children's Church (ages vary depending on location). We provide childcare so that you can be focused and without distraction during the sermon and so your kids can enjoy church, too. If you'd prefer to have your children stay with you in the sanctuary during the sermon, that's also totally okay. Whatever is best for your family!

Childcare is provided by members of CFC who have been approved by the eldership to work with children. We also run background checks on all workers to ensure children's safety.


Every Sunday, one of the pastors shares for about 35-40 minutes. Occasionally we'll have guest ministry from another pastor or missionary. The CFC pastors often preach in different CFC locations (especially during sermon series) so if you come to a specific location and don't get to meet or see the lead pastor, that's probably why!


If there's something you'd like to know about but we missed, please email the church office and we'll get back to you!